Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sail ho!

I hoisted sail today for the first time on Ravn. I did it while she was still on the trailer; a true dry run.

The spars and running rigging are done, except for a few final touches. Eventually I'll get some proper three-braid rope for the sheet and halyard, but the old stuff from my box o' rope will do for now.

I moved the shrouds and forestay below the halyard shive and I think that was a good decision. Nothing looks like it will bind up as long as the Jack Tar hoisting the main doesn't two-block it.

As I was building Ravn I considered all kinds of changes to the rig: upping the scantlings of the mast and going with an unstayed, ballanced lug was one I seriously considered. But then I was lucky enough to score a sail from another Valgerda, so I decided to follow Mr. Atkin's plan exactly.

Were I to order or make a sail I would have been temped to make it larger and out of tanbark cloth. In a way I'm glad those decisions were taken away. She looks real good to me just the way she is.

Now I need to get a rudder made so I can see how that beautiful rig performs.